Coming early 2019




In order to set a new standard for coffee concepts in SW Florida, we gave a home to Breaking Wave Coffee in a city that is most known for the arts and culture scene, Sarasota.

We treat coffee and food as equals, rather than putting one above the other. When you enter our space, you know you can get specialty quality coffee, great food, and craft seasonal drinks.

In our pursuit of excellence, we also strive to love the person first. At the end of the day, the food and beverages we serve are about people - our distributors, our staff, and ultimately our guests.


The objectives revolve around helping people make the most of their everyday lives, breaking through the status quo by offering an accessible, respectful, inclusive and confidential space, accompanied by high quality drinks and eats.

We are dedicated to use premium coffee beans and reflect their origins and distinctive characteristics. It is our commitment to reveal the best of its unique characteristics and stories each bean has to tell. Our coffees are selected, sourced according to seasonality to showcase its own natural flavours within its best clarity and transparency.

Ultimately we strive to deliver a seamless, inspiring experience that equips you to do what you love.


Dedicated to deliver a seamless, inspiring experience